“Aeroponic” is a method of growing plants in a soil-less environment, essentially in the air. Unlike traditional farming, where plants are grown in soil and unlike hydroponics, where the plant root systems are immersed in a nutrient rich water bath.

AirGrown™ Systems unique design allows for better distribution of light to all the plants in the system resulting in healthier, stronger plants than in other vertical growing systems.

The use of internal irrigation provides nutrients directly to the roots and its overlapping spray system acts as a backup safety measure—when a misting jet clogs up, the mist from other the root system will still be reached by the other jets on that level.

AirGrown™ Systems is a vertical aeroponic plant growing system in which the plant roots are allowed to grow in a hollow manifold that uses a programmed misting cycle to provide nutrient rich water directly to the plant roots. The AirGrown™ System also controls other essential growing elements such as water temperature and pH levels.

Used in a micro-controlled greenhouse environment and following organic growing practices, the AirGrown™ System eliminates the impact of uncontrollable weather conditions —too dry, too wet, too cold, too hot— and greatly reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides. The AirGrown™ System allows for greater absorption of oxygen by the plant root system greatly increasing the growth of the plant, the plant yield, and the longevity of the plant.

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    Faster Growth Rates

    AirGrown™ Systems applies aeroponic technology developed by NASA which grows plant root systems in the air, allowing the plants to grow 45% faster than in traditional in-soil farming methods.

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    Lower Costs

    In Florida, a 2,000sqft greenhouse of strawberries using the AirGrown™ System will produce the same yield as one acre of soil-grown strawberries — a twenty fold increase in yield per square foot.

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    Less Space

    The unique modular vertical design of the AirGrown™ System provides significant operating cost reductions, increases sun exposure to the plants with its conical shape, utilizes 75% less space and significantly increases the yield per square foot planted. Each AirGrown™ tower can fit within a 2x3 ft. footprint and has from 30 to 60 plant sites, depending on height.

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